Mezcal Cantina y Cocina Street View

Expect nothing but the best at Mezcal when it comes to taste! Mezcal provides fresh, local and organic products. With the largest collection of Mezcal & Tequila in the Inland Empire, Mezcal Cantina y Cocina showcases over 175 different bottles and brands to chose from. Mezcal invites you to experience Mexican cuisine like never before.


Chef Cesar

Chef Cesar of Mezcal Cantina y Cocina

Executive Chef Cesar brings experience and influence into the kitchen at Mezcal Cantina y Cocina. Discovering his love of cooking at a young age in Sinaloa, Mexico, Chef Cesar began to develop his skills soon thereafter in Palm Springs under the apprenticeship program at La Quinta Hotel Resort.


About Mezcal

What is Mezcal?

Mezcal tequila is a distilled alcoholic beverage made from an agave place known as maguey, which is native to Mexico, specifically the town of Oaxaca where the process of fermentation of the maguey plant has been preserved for centuries. Using only two ingredients, the heart of the maguey, which is the agave...



Mezcal Reservations